I am struck by the quality of stillness and concentration at the heart of so many of Lesley’s poems . . . I struggled to land upon an accurate description of what it is that gives each of these poems this quality. After all, there are gentle and not so gentle poems here, funny poems and very serious ones.                    —Penelope Layland

Mountain Lion (2019), is published by Pitt Street Poetry. It addresses issues of our mortality, of the arts and of our spiritual life. And there are some funny ones.

The Petrov Poems (2013, Pitt Street Poetry) interprets the narrative of the Petrov Affair of 1954. It was highly acclaimed a nd won the ACT Poetry Prize (2104) and was short-listed for the ACT Book of the Year in the same year.

I began writing and publishing in 1981 and have published five books since then. Initially I wrote both prose (Washing my mother’s hair is a collection of short stories) and poetry (Crossing the sky). I reviewed contemporary fiction and won an award for that.

Since then I’ve devoted most of my writing time to poetry and have won a number of grants, prizes and awards for individual poems.
The way things really are, a collaboration with Pali scholars, the late Primoz Pecenko and Tamara Ditrich, is available via the website of the Canberra Insight Meditation Group.

I have a long history in Buddhist practice, both as a student and as a teacher, having spent many years in silent retreat. I have begun to write about this, something I have long wanted to do.

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